Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Journey through our fourth's

In honor of mine and Jon's 6th fourth of July together, I give you a recap of our past 4th's together!!

July 4, 2005

Here we are the year we turned 20 :-o I know many of you don't think of us as old, but this picture and memory makes me feel that way! I mean we're over half way to thirty...please don't smack me :-p We flew together for the first time for this Holiday while visiting my Dad in St. Louis. My dad's side of my family threw us an engagement party and we were full of hopes and dreams for our future :) Happy first 4th babe!

July 4, 2006
Ah, the month before our wedding day :) What a time that was!!!! We were so dang excited ( can't you tell) and READY to be married! Jonathan had just bought a first car for us and he felt so grown up haha. These were our first fireworks together on the trampoline in our backyard surrounded by my mom's side of the family. These are sweet memories my love!

July 4, 2007
We were about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary :) It had been an interesting year living in a marriage dorm in an "apartment" the size of a shoe box and believe me I use the word apartment lightly here! Jon had a not so pleasant job and I was trying to finish college. God provided though and on our first 4th as a married couple and our 3rd together we went to visit my family and his. Heather had a concert at a local school and we enjoyed that and then drove to my parents house to stay the night and spend the next day with them. We had a great time ( as you can tell by this picture) and never thought that I would get pregnant one year later!

July 4, 2008

Our fourth 4th together was spent in Asheville, NC at my friend Sarah Bennett's wedding, I was in it and Jon went along as my guest, obviously heh. We had a really wonderful time and enjoyed catching up with college friends. On our way back we watched firworks from the highway and it really was beautiful with all the NC mountains in the distance. If  we did our math correctly, we are about 99.9% sure this was the day God began Ava Grace's life :) Wedding's will do that ya! :-p

July 4, 2009

One year later and we are parents!!!! :) This was our first 4th with missy muffin and as "mommy" and "daddy." It was our 5th together. It is so obvious by our eyes that we had a 3 month old and that I was still recovering from a c-section. Oh well, we still had a blast! The three of us got together over at his parents house with all of his family and their babies ( all 3 the same age, born the same month) and we had yummy food and watched a movie...well we tried to watch a movie, but with three 3 month olds, you can only imagine how well that worked out!

July 4, 2010

Wow...six 4th's later and a lot of love and here we are!!!!!!!!!! Mommy, Daddy and Ava Grace :) This was the first time that Ava Grace saw fireworks and she wasn't outright scared of them, but didn't really enjoy them either. She did have a GREAT time at Aunt Heather and Uncle Curtis's house, surrounded by our family and friends and her cousins Lucius and Justus. She also had a wonderful time over at our friend's house, Mumba and Beebee ( she named them, not me!) We had a slight firework accident, but all were safe and it was great for a laugh! Jon and I can't believe we are married 4 years this year, together six years as of this past January AND parents!!! How awesome God has been to us!!!!!!!!!!!! Such GRACE he has given me! Such RESTORATION and HEALING he has given us!

Many, many, many more to come :-)