Saturday, July 24, 2010

I must apologize to Barney? :-/

Ava Grace has discovered BARNEY...and its all my fault! I had a lot of house work to do this morning and her typical cartoons were not doing the trick. Jon was gone mowing his dad's lawn for him and burning our trash, so I had no assistance. I stooped to drastic measures and broke out Barney on our Netflix live stream. And of course...

my girl fell in love with him and his sidekicks Baby Bop and BJ. ::sigh:: 
I for one used to strongly dislike him. Okay, I hated him and his friends and his dumb TV show.

I was raised in a culture enamored by Barney one that basically worshiped him. He was EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I remember being in VBS and singing a catchy tune along the lines of..." I hate you, you hate me, we're a hateful family with a big shot gun..." yea will end it there. Let's just say that as a mom, looking back on it I'm scared to death that we were allowed to sing that at VBS!! :-p My sister Bethany, ( pictured above and now 20 yrs old) was obsessed, in love with Barney and he was all that I heard, read and saw for many years! One fateful day when I was nine Bethany decided to take her talking Barney toy on a trip to Florida with her! a car, for many, many the end of that trip Barney had suffered the sudden loss of his vocal box :) He never sang again...

That makes me sound so evil and I assure you at that age... I was.

However, on this day Saturday July 24 2010 - being a mom myself I must confess that Barney has a bad rep for no reason :-o I found today that he is really helpful to keep your children entertained for an entire 15 minute time span! He's also educational and I'm ashamed to admit...his songs are catchy. ::gasp!:: Plus it was the cutest thing to see my girl dancing and twirling like a ballerina to his theme song and hearing "B Bop and Barneeee" in her sweet voice all day. Its amazing how different we see things when "mommy" gets tacked onto our name.

So Barney and your friends, I owe you all an apology for all the years I've hated you and everything you came in contact with. I'm sorry for making sure you never sang again in our home and I'm sorry for egging on the other kids at VBS to sing that awful song. 

Barney, you are welcome in my home any day!

Ava Grace eating a snack and watching "Barney and Friends"


Brittany said...

HAHAHAHAHA.. oh Tiffany! I loved Barney when I was little, but not as much as Pooh, Bert and Ernie, and Minnie Mouse. I still have my singing Barney, and his voicebox is entirely functional ;o).

fowler said...

I think it was our age-- I hated Barney with a passion as well! But my little sister (who is now 21) LOVED Barney. And I remember the evil songs...

I'm just not sure I can accept Barney with open arms just yet, but I'll keep it in mind when I have kids!

fowler said...

Yeah, it did! Well, it happened on Max Patch. Waynesville is one of the closest towns-- I don't know what the technical mailing address is out there. Yeah-- like in those pictures-- somewhere within a couple hundred feet is where it must have happened. Sooooo sad!

And my weekend was FABULOUS! Stay tuned and you'll hear all about it of course!