Sunday, December 4, 2011

Amazing Love

So on the eve of a rather rough day, what could possibly be more wonderful then curling up in your daughters little bed with her and reading her "The Christmas Story" and her daily devotional and ending the night with songs of praise together??? NOTHING...except if the rapture had occurred and we were in heaven doing that!

You know, its in the moments like that when I think "Really God? Why all the grace?" Does he realize what I actually deserve in my mind? I certainly don't deserve all that I have, but THANK GOD for his overwhelming grace and love filled forgiveness towards woman like me...or rather, who I used to be.

We ended the evening with "amazing love" a song we did in church today and I was getting as choked up tonight as I was during worship this morning. I encourage you to listen to it or at least read these lyrics over a few times and allow them to settle into your heart...powerful...

I'm forgiven because You were forsaken (Christ was forsaken, definition: abandoned, deserted, forgotten)
I'm accepted, You were condemned (He was condemned, definition: judged, guilty, unfavorable, sentenced, convicted)
I'm alive and well, Your Spirit is within me ( the very spirit of God is IN us)
Because You died and rose again ( we only live because he died)

Amazing love, how can it be
That You, my King, should die for me? ( Why us? he died when we were yet sinners...)
Amazing love, I know it's true
It's my joy to honor You
In all I do, I'll honor You ( do we??)