Get to know me!

I am Jonathan's wife, aka "love" :) I'm mommy and Jesus loves me!


I'm crazy about singing and writing, I live for Sundays and did I mention I LOVE writing?! I am a stay at home mommy/wife with our precious girl's and I love it! I've worked in retail management for years, but I am blessed that because of a strange series of events God brought me back home full time. I have the best and hardest job in the world. I love to immerse myself in the word of God. Curling up with the Bible and a cup of coffee is my favorite. I love to clean and cook while barefoot and there is nothing like a nice day when I can open all of my windows, play praise music and work around the house. I'm a girly girl all the way and I'm not ashamed ;) I love to craft and make something from nothing. I also enjoy cooking and baking for my loves. I love our family, our home, our church and our two cats that are our "first babies" and our dog Emerson.  


I'm Mommy to Ava Grace (almost 5) and Addison Faith (three in July). We were blessed with Ava Grace on March 30, 2009 and Addison Faith on July 29, 2011. I absolutely LOVE being a mommy!!!!! There names hold special meaning to us because I was never supposed to have children. It is by the GRACE of God that we had our baby Ava Grace (Ava means "Life") and it is with much FAITH that we have our angel Addison Faith. 


 I've been married to my wonderful hubby for going on 8 years! He is so incredible and I'm so blessed to call him mine! Not only is he super hot, but he loves the Lord with his whole heart and he sets a great example for me and our girl's. He leads me in truth, loves me even when I sin and is my accountability partner. He's a leader on our worship team and loves to worship God! I love that :) He is also the BEST daddy in this world, I picked a good one ;-)

 I love to write because I want to be used by God to heal the broken hearted, to offer hope to the hopeless, to share the good news of Christ Jesus with those who need it most. I want to love up on the unloveable and those deemed "unworthy" I want to share my testimony, my story and help people to see that there is NOTHING God can't heal, restore and make new. He is the God of miracles and he can fix the most broken person in the world; I know because he fixed me! He forgave me, washed me, redeemed me, made me whole and restored me! 

With my God all things are possible, period!!!