Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Thankful Tuesday's- My Husband's Heart

Today as I sit here thinking of a looooong list of thing's I am thankful for only one of those sticks out as the thing I am most thankful for today! 

I am most thankful today for my husband's heart!!! I am thankful for everything about him, but today it is his heart that has captured my attention. Often times I allow little irritation's and small offense's cloud my vision of who my husband really is. I am blessed with a good man.  He may do thing' s that irritate me and we certainly don't always agree on everything, but when it comes to the thing's that matter there is no reason to complain. 

Jonathan is 100% on board with raising our children in a godly, loving home. He's dedicated to the heart's of our daughter's and seeing that they are guarded and protected until the day he gives them away. He works hard with me to instill morals and values in them and is so unbelievably patient and gentle. I admit that even at times he is the one calming me down and reminding me to speak gently.

 He loves the Lord with every single inch of his heart, no one can take the place of God in his life. He lives a life full of thank's to God for his many undeserved blessing's and remind's us all often that God owes us nothing, he already gave it all. No matter the storm or the anguish he hold's tight to God and doesn't waver. Jonathan also long's for a pure heart. I am blessed to be married to a man that has requested that I don't request Victoria Secret catalog's because he will see them in the mail. He refuse's to put before his eyes any unclean image and I've been with him 9 years and have not seen him falter. He won't so much as look at a lady on tv in a bathing suit. He takes purity seriously and thus will help instill that in our children because it is something he is passionate about. He takes his walk with God so very seriously and has a reverent fear of God, which is a vital  aspect of a relationship with Christ. Jonathan also has a heart full of laughter and is always making me and everyone else around us laugh. I do more laughing than anything else.

 Finally, for whatever reason, his heart beats for mine. That man has forgiven much and loved much even when it is completely undeserved. He gives out the same unconditional love that God has given him and without question or a clause. I don't have to do anything to earn his love, he just loves me in all of my mess and imperfections. It is like he see's something in my heart I don't see myself. 
I can't forget that it was also this loving heart that took the time to befriend a lost soul in college and lead her to the cross. Yes, my husband is the one who led me to truly and wholeheartedly with understanding, commit my life to Christ. 

Incase you don't know already, the below video is my husband. :)

Word of God Speak: Jonathan Cox with True Change Band 

What are you thankful for on this Tuesday?


KC @ genxfinance said...

Your husband's so sweet. May God bless you more and your wonderful family.

BeaumontGirl said...

Can I have your email? :) I think you'd be great to guest write on my blog!