Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Double the trouble

One turkey, cheese on white bread sandwich,
One ham, mustard on soy bread sandwich,
Countless cups of juice,
Two really nasty diapers,
Two cups of orange jello,

Lots and lots of hectic fun....

I had this extra cutie this afternoon :)

This is Lucius Allen, he is 29 days older then Ava Grace. He is one of the 3 babies all born in March, delivered by the same doctor and yes, we're all related! Heather and Cara are my sister-in-law's. He is my first nephew and what a cutie pie he is! He's Heather's son- yea, she is gorgeous! It is pretty much ridiculously unfair :-p

 Ava Grace loved having a cousin to pal around with for a while. The two of them together entertain one another very well. We had our hectic moments though. You always do when we get them together. Thankfully we survived the afternoon without passy wars and only one melt down over who's juice cup was who's.

They love juice!
Lucius: Let me tell you the way I do things! Ava Grace: I'm not sure that's a good idea...

Such cousins, even from behind.
Yummy lunch! You improvise when you have just one high chair.

Over all it was a good afternoon and I love every second I get with this little guy and that darling princess :)


fowler said...

In reference to your comment: Skinny minny-- you have NO room to talk!

Tiffany said...

LOL but with all due respect, you have not seen me without my clothes on which is a GOOD thing, but just the same...its there. Just hides :) I'm actually proud of my stretch marks and "baby belly" its my signature mark of being a mommy!