Thursday, July 29, 2010

Its been a day...

This has been my day.............

Old picture, yes, but perfect visual description of baby girls attitude today. 

See the left clenched fist and right flexed hand? That's been it all day! Only now that little right hand doing all of that flexing comes right at mommy when baby girl's mad. :-/ You also don't want to miss the furrowed brow which she has down to an art.

We also tried our first timeout today for one minute. She climbed down off the couch three times, each time laughing like it was game and then scrambling to get back up when I would come towards her with my "stern" look. L o n g e s t minute of my life I'm sure. She's also limber enough to now crawl up onto the window seat in the living room, yea the one that sits a foot off the hard lamanent floor...::sigh:: the window seat is what landed her in timeout. 

Most of the day was centered around fits of rage over not being allowed to turn the CD player off,  throwing juice across the kitchen, melt down over not being allowed under the sink and  etc,etc. Only problem is that she remains so cute :-/ I can't help but laugh sometimes.

Thank God for Motrin, Reeses and his Word! Shew!

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fowler said...

Trade ya?

:) I know you won't go for that deal!