Monday, August 9, 2010

Sisters for life!

Ava Grace, Me, Melanie, Shannon, Kayla, Bethany and Nicole

On the weekend of August 31st I got together with a few of my sisters from Sigma Alpha Omega. When I was in college at WCU I gave my life to the Lord and began an awesome personal journey with Christ. Special thanks to my hubby who led me to the Lord ( before he was my hubby.) Anywho, in 2005 I pledged Sigma Alpha Omega, a christian sorority on our campus that was just kicking off. I remember seeing a poster for it that said something about "fire for Christ" and I was so there! I had been praying that God would bring wonderful Christian woman into my life...and boy did he! Once I pledged there was over 60 of us and we were all as close as blood sisters! These girls have been a vital part of my walk with the Lord and involved in a lot of special occasions in my life such as my wedding and daughter's baby shower. 

Some of us at my wedding, Sarah and Melanie were in it. Not all of them that were there are pictured here.

I love these girls to life...( I despise the term "I love them to death" who wants to love someome to death?) They were there for me in the good times, bad times and in between. I've made long lasting friendships and now that we are all grown up and most of us married and a few of us mommy's; I cherish their friendships even more. I had not seen many of these girls since 2007 and so we all decided to put together a day to all meet up and wear our letter shirts.

Fall semester 2005, the night we all became sisters!

Unfortunately not many could come and that's understandable. Some our pregnant, some our new mommies for the second time and some are in other parts of the US for their career and others were busy or just married. Sadly one dear sister lost her dad in an accident the night before :( and we were grateful for the oppertunity to all write her a card together. The ones that did come, it was wonderful to see again :) It was as though no time had passed. I also thoroughly enjoyed introducing them to Ava Grace , she was a hit lol. They all prayed her into existence and it meant a lot to me for them to meet her. They prayed for me all the time when I was at my sickest in college. Thank you ladies :)

The last time we all were together in one place before graduations.

Same night, being silly as always!

Our time together was way too short and I missed the many, many girls who couldn't be there. Maybe one day we can all get together and have a spiritual retreat like we did once a semester in college.


Silverockstar said...

Oh I love you too! I wish I should have come to the sister day. Hopefully we will get together soon! I miss you and so excited you are going to be in my wedding!

Anonymous said...

I had a blast! It was so good to see everyone again! Hopefully we can keep in touch more often! Love ya girls!
~Kayla Jones