Sunday, August 1, 2010

My spider story!

 There will be NO pictures with this post! Heck to the no!

So right after we got home tonight, I was cleaning the floor and went to put the Clorox wipes back up under the kitchen sink and when I stuck my hand under the sink a wolf spider the size of a small golf ball fell down onto my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed louder then I have in my life, it fell off my hand and ran under the stove. Ava Grace starts bawling because my scream scared her. Jon is mad that I screamed and still doesn't know why I'm screaming. Meanwhile its living...under the stove!!!!!!!!

I had to clean the dishes and knew I had to stand next to the stove where it sat right where no one could reach it. DARN CREEPY THINGS!!!!!!! I HATE THEM! The whole time I washed the dishes I watched the stove like a hawk ready to kill run at any second. It was the longest dish washing time of my life! 

The whole time I was in the kitchen ( about an hour or more) it stayed under the stove. As soon as I walked out and back in it had come out from under the stove and was sitting in my kitchen floor. What a creep, it waited for me to walk out! GROSS! I grabbed Jon and screamed at him to get it. After freaking out himself, he dropped his work boot on it! VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no gosh darn good reason why I should have a spider the size of a car living in my house when my husband works where he does!!!!! 

And that's my Sunday story. Goodnight :)

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fowler said...

Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!!! I don't deal with spiders, or anything like them, very well! We have a ton of cockroaches outside (they don't like to come inside, which is fine with me) and Josh said he feels bad for stomping on them outside. I told him that it is his husbandly duty to kill things like that.