Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quick catch up

Oh man, how much have I sucked at updating this? Go on and say it...I've sucked really badly! Life has been moving at 100 miles an hour and all of my free time is spent with Jon and Ava Grace, so I've not had much time for my blog. I really want to work it into my routine every few days or so because I have family out of state and this is a great way for them to keep up with us. Also I really enjoy blogging.

Ava Grace is growing so incredibly fast! I am so saddened and excited at the same time, its weird. She's talking up a storm and incredibly smart, I really enjoy our time together at home just us, she is hilarious. She has the funniest personality that she gets from her dad. I love watching her grow and become a toddler, but I ache for when she was a tiny baby. I still sit and rock her and sing to her and hold her like a baby, she loves it and its so special for me. I will have to devote a post to her update, this is way too short and uninformative. 

For now I will just leave you with some cute pictures and call it a night on the computer. Oh but before I go, all of you keep my sister Bethany ( the 3rd of us four girls) in your prayers. This past Monday she fell rock climbing and broke her leg pretty badly. She had surgery yesterday to put in screws and a plate. Bless her heart! 

Spaghetti never looked so cute!

Pigtails for the first time :)

She's this happy ALL the time! She's truly a joy!

Just like her daddy :)

Justus and Ava Grace are cousin best friends

As are she and cousin Lucius
Till next time :) BE BLESSED!

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